DysFUNKtion Brass started in 2015 as a wild idea for a completely unique ensemble to compete in an Indianapolis battle of original bands.  The crew progressed pretty well through that experience and penned an incredible collection of original music and brass-line covers.  We decided that this ensemble had a message to deliver and we wanted to  scratch out our own spot in the Midwest music scene.  Since then the band has been performing regularly at bars, restaurants, street festivals, and corporate events around Indiana and Ohio.

DysFUNKtion Brass performances range from all-original music to brass-line covers of pop charts from the past few decades.   Usually our audience is receptive to a blend of original and cover tunes. What is certain, is that a DysFUNKtion Brass show is not like any other experience in the area.  We drive energy into the air through complex grooves crafted by drums, tuba, and bari sax, while the front-line of bones, mellophone, tenor sax and trumpets fills the air with flowing melodies and screaming soloists.

Venues / Shows.

Big Lug Canteen - Nora, Indiana

Liter House - Indianapolis, Indiana

Alley's Alehouse - Fishers, Indiana

Square Cat Vinyl - Indianapolis, Indiana

Knickerbocker - Lafayette, Indiana

Radio Radio - Indianapolis, Indiana

Backstep Brewing - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chilly Water - Indianapolis, Indiana

Big Woods - Speedway, Indiana

St. Joseph Taproom - Indianapolis, Indiana

Monkey's  Tale - Indianapolis, Indiana

Digby's Pub - Indianapolis, Indiana

Pirate's Den - Cincinnati, Ohio

Beers Across The Wabash - Lafayette, Indiana

Virginia Avenue Music Fest - Indianapolis, Indiana

Tonic Ball - Indianapolis, Indiana

Beers on Bonna - Black Acre Brewing - Indianapolis, Indiana

Indy Fuel Hockey - Rink Band - Indianapolis, Indiana

Carmel Porchfest - Carmel, Indiana



Drummer and unflappable personality.

Chris Murphy

Bari-Sax mercenary from San Fran.  If you are at a show with Tom in-attendance, you are in for a treat!

Tom Bodin

Trumpet Virtuoso.   He might respond to the name 'Hot Karl'... but do so at your own risk.

Karl Willman

Tenor Sax.    Providing that incredible growling sound that makes us sound so much more than a brass-line.

Dan Nitsch

Mellophone player the member who brings up our collective IQ to a passable level.

Andrew Poland

Trombonist, composer, arranger, and occasional vocalist.  Some might hope for less than occasional...

Dan Pfunder

Sousaphist Extraordinaire.  Also will respond to 'Tuba-Fett'.

Aaron Wynne

Trumpet and typically the Master of Ceremonies during a DysF show.

Jeff Crays

Trumpet and Mellophone player in the crew.  She also brings up our level of maturity...

Leah Harris

Tenor Sax Emeritus.   Dr. Sax has moved on to start her med carreer in another state, BUT she regularly pops back to Indy to throw-down with DysF whenever possible.

Kelsey Loden

Trombonist, composer, and arranger.  Alex keeps the DysF music classy and complex.

Alex Harris

Provides background howling for all home recordings.  She will probably be brought into an EP release somewhere...